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Seven Stones Legal Eagle team

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Seven Stones Indonesia can now offer you a range of legal services. This means we are set up to advise and provide legal consultations on Indonesian Law through a dedicated team of legal professionals.

We know buying, renting or leasing land and property in Bali in line with rules and regulations can be a daunting prospect, so our Seven Stones Legal Team are here to help you. They are a dedicated in-house group of professional, qualified and experienced legal experts.

Their mission is to make your Bali real estate journey a memorable one, for all the right reasons!

Their skill sets, interests and networks cover every legality related to real estate in Bali, from setting up a company and having the right visa to making sure you have the right building permit and operating licenses to run a business in the right part of town.

Our expert team are both professional and caring. And they keep themselves (as well as the rest of us!) up-to-date with Indonesian Law, especially when it comes to the following:

  • company set ups.

  • a full range of land and property legalities.

  • immigration and visas.

  • investments and business acquisition.

  • debt recovery.

  • intellectual property rights and,

  • family and matrimonial law

Many of our clients have already established businesses in Bali and most of them own land and property. Quite a lot of them also believe they've done things correctly in the eyes of the law - but a closer look reveals they haven't. Not because they're deliberately trying to break the law or cut corners, simply because they haven't been given the right advice.

If you want to be sure your property investment or business in Bali (and beyond) follows all of the correct rules and regulations you might want to get in touch.

We are available for consultations, so please feel free to send an email to if you'd like some friendly, honest advice.

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